Health Risks Hiding In Your Lipsticks


Everyone loves a little color, especially on the lips.

Very few products have the power to change your look the same way lipstick can.

Change your lip color and you can change the entire mood or attitude of your makeup look. Whether you're going for an ultra soft and natural color, or a bolder one that makes a statement, picking a new lip color is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to enjoy the power of makeup.


According to the CDC, "No safe


lead level

has been identified."


THE Hidden Toxin in Your Lipstick


The amount of lead that is allowed to be present in your makeup is currently regulated by the FDA. Currently, the maximum amount of lead allowed in your lipstick is 10 PPM, but many mainstream brands were tested and found to have 7.19 PPM. Pregnant women and children are at a greater risk when it comes to lead exposure as the brain's development can be heavily affected [1]


According to the CDC, "No safe blood lead level has been identified."

In addition to lead, there are other heavy metal contaminants in lipsticks which are actually trace contaminants from the pigments that are used to color the lipstick. Trace contaminants are not required to be listed on the ingredients list, so consumers are essentially trusting companies to ensure their safety.

Who's on the Hook for Your Safety? 

The problem is that while the FDA is setting guidelines, companies can release products without passing any tests. It's only in the case where the FDA finds out that a company has broken a rule, would the company become liable. In the case of Claire's (a popular teenage jewelry and makeup store), they were found guilty of selling makeup that had tremolite asbestos, which can cause a deadly form of cancer. 



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