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Tru Aura revolutionary skin care products skincare market trend report


Tru Aura revolutionary skin care products market trends: overuse of skincare products


Many scientists and dermatologists have begun to realize that we have not been kind to our skin.

The cultural norm is to wash our skin constantly, which strips the good flora on our skin and weakens the protective barrier, allowing harmful bacteria and chemicals into our bodies. Many people often begin to struggle with aging, acne, and more; all because their skin cannot protect itself the way it should. To try to combat those symptoms, many people then try other creams and ointments, which further damage the skin.

As mentioned in another post, The American Cancer Society has an article about how the chemicals in many household staple beauty products may be doing more damage than just deteriorating the health of your skin. Because many of the ingredients are not actually tested or regulated we really don’t know what they might do. Read the article hereThis article by the NCBI also talks about chemical exposure from beauty products.


Maybe not.

To many, the thought of not washing constantly is disgusting, mostly because over the last century we have become a society that places a great importance on cleanliness. This article from the Smithsonian talks about squeamishness in society and also points out that washing does not actually remove the flora of your skin. It can, however, damage the good bacteria enough that the bad bacteria has a chance to take over.  Here at Tru Aura we also value the fresh feeling of a good shower, but we also want to provide products to make it more gentle on your skin. And cutting back a bit isn’t a terrible idea, either.

If you want to read a fantastic article about a real-world test of the “less washing” theory and how it isn’t as bad as it sounds, check out this report posted in the New York Times. They experimented by using the writer as “Test Subject 26” at a biochemistry lab called AOBiome for four weeks, experimenting with good bacteria and recording how the microbiome reacted to an environment that was more friendly to skin’s natural flora. They misted a compound of bacteria and other organisms on her skin regularly to encourage health of the microbiome and the skin’s natural barrier. To summarize: she found that the (good) bacteria mix they asked her to mist onto her body actually helped with body odor that resulted from not using soaps and she saw a noticeable difference in her skin. The interesting part; after the study allowed her to take showers with her usual products again, it only took three showers to wash away the good bacteria they spent four weeks cultivating. It is amazing what the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos can do to the ecosystem of our skin!


Tru Aura revolutionary skin care cosmetics market trends report

Society has begun to listen to those people who have noticed the phenomenon that occurs when we strip the flora from our skin, and people have become aware that we are overdoing it when it comes to skin-care. The Wall Street Journal talks about new products coming into the market here, and there are now products on store shelves that make an attempt to undo the damage done to our skin. Products are being released that have more natural ingredients, and consumers are being encouraged to cut back on the products they use and the frequency of which they use them. As we learn more about these methods and see positive results, more and more people are deciding to try out skin-friendly products. There is a similar movement in hair-care, and both markets are beginning to concentrate on an individualized approach.


Here at Tru Aura we decided to try to make skin flora- friendly products so everyone can experience a more gentle and effective clean.

Likely by now, you have heard about these trends in magazines, on commercials, talk shows, and from friends. We did, too, and our team of researchers and scientists wanted to try to take the next step in this skin-care revolution. We committed ourselves to finding the best way to support skin health, and what we found was so much bigger than anything we had heard before. The deeper we went into the study of skin and its biological systems, the more convinced we were that there was something missing from the products we were seeing. We studied the microbiome and the healthy flora of the skin. What we found was revolutionary. Tru Aura is dedicated to creating products that, instead of trying to change the skin or alter it, partner with the natural processes and give them a boost. We want to make skin healthy in the easiest, most natural way possible. Your skin doesn’t need change, it just needs gentle nourishment to help it be the best it can. We want you to be able to have beautiful, glowing skin the simple, clean way.