We will be updating these FAQs regularly as we get more questions. Please read on if you have questions about products, consultant registration, back office, and more. 

Products & Availability


Are our products certified organic?  Do they contain gluten, corn, soy, or dairy?


Our products are not certified organic, but some formulas do have ingredients that are certified organic.  

  • Gluten, Soy, Dairy: These are not included in any of our formulas. 
  • Corn:  Corn starch is in the day lotion formula.  Xanthan gum, an ingredient derived from corn sugar, is included in the majority of the products.

For a complete list of ingredients for products that will be released in our February 2018 launch, please refer to the links below: 

When will makeup and spa products be available? 

Currently the plan is to launch Makeup products in Q2 and to launch Spa products in Q3 of 2018. We will announce upcoming products and details closer to the respective launch dates. 


Technology & Backoffice


How do I access the back office?

Please go to https://mytruaurabeauty.com to access your Back Office.  Enter your User Name and password that you created during the registration process to gain access.  Please note that the web address does not contain “www” at the beginning of the address.

How do I access my site?

When you registered during the pre-registration period, you created a website for personal access.  You can look up your personal website address in the registration confirmation email. 

Please note that the site requires a secure connection (https://not http://), and additionally there is no “www” at the beginning of the address.

How do I update my name/ Phone number/ email for my consultant account? 

Log into the Back Office and click on the Avatar person image in the upper right hand corner.  Then click on Change Settings.  You should be able to edit all personal information using this menu.

When will we get access to the Technology Suite so that we can start using it?

Access to the Technology Suite will become available closer to the launch date in February 2018. 


Consultants getting started


Where can I go to sign up to become a TrūAura Consultant? 

Click the 'Join Now' button below to begin the enrollment process.

What is the cost of the Kit? What is in it?  What is the value of the Kit?  Are the products full size?

The TrūAura Consultant Starter Kit 

The TrūAura Consultant Starter Kit 

The Business Kit is $189 and shipping will depend on where you live and what delivery speed that you choose.

  • 7 Full-Size Products.  Regular retail value is $379
  • The TrūAura kit bag
  • Consultant literature in either English or Spanish
    The kit does not count towards your Personal Volume (PV) 

My sales tax rate on my orders are incorrect.  How can I get them corrected?

Please send an email to the Business Center email with your:

  • Consultant number
  • order number
  • the "SHIP TO" address
  • expected tax rate

We will research your issue and will forward it to the tax company if an issue is found. 

Please Note: Calculation of Taxes on Orders with a "SHIP TO" address in Texas
Our sales tax calculation method is different from methods used by other companies. For example: Our shipping warehouse is located in Texas with a tax rate of 8.25% for that address.  All orders shipped within Texas will be charged the 8.25% tax rate (regardless of tax rate of the “ship to” Texas address) and that tax earnings will be sent to the taxing jurisdiction of the ship to address

When can we sign up TLC/retail clients?

You will be able to sign them up closer to the February 2018 launch date. 

What if a Consultant no longer wants to be involved? What is the cancellation process? 

Please send us an email to businesscenter@truaurabeauty.com to request cancellation of the account.  We will then cancel the consultant's order and terminate their account. 

If  they are willing, we would like for them to include the reason for leaving and if they want their account to be converted to a TLC or retail client account.

Still have questions?