What This New Generation of Moisturizers Can Really Do For You


It can do a lot more now than just moisturizing your Skin


Today's moisturizers have been made for practically every kind of customer, every skin type, price point. And the variety keeps growing, as new brands and new products are developed every single year. 

So, what's new to discover about moisturizer? We cover some of the latest in what moisturizer can do for our skin. 





Today's moisturizer is exciting as the lines between makeup and skincare are quickly blurring. We're talking CC Cream, BB Cream, Anti-Aging Moisturizing Foundations, Anti-Acne concealers, and a range of other skincare acting as makeup or vice-versa. 

Other moisturizers also include ingredients that help to temporarily blur the appearance of pores, and even serving as a primer that helps additional makeup layers apply smoothly for an airbrushed finish. 

Assist Your Other Products to Deliver Results 

If you're using products with active ingredients, you won't want to skip moisturizer. Keeping your skin in a hydrated, balanced state free of irritation, inflammation and dryness will help your skin reap the benefits of other active ingredients used to help your skin's tone. 


Anti-Aging Benefits




The latest generation of skincare ingredients included in moisturizers can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Both of these are proteins made by the body, primarily in connective tissue.

We care about boosting the production of these proteins and also preventing the degradation of them because they keep our skin firm, taut and looking young.  

Plenty of ingredients are great for stimulating the production of these proteins, however not everything makes sense for inclusion in a daytime moisturizer.

Some key ingredients that help boost collagen synthesis include:

  • Vitamin C - It's a potent antioxidant and is also essential for the synthesis of collagen, but its most active form is highly unstable and oxidizes quickly when exposed to light.
  • Alpha hydroxyl acids - Acids such as glycolic and lactic acid, help stimulate collagen synthesis but also make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun, so its best to use them at night.
  • Resveratrol -  A natural compound found in the skin of grapes, is also emerging as a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and may help protect our skin’s elastin production, however resveratrol is also extremely susceptible to UV radiation.

The Right One is Worth It. 

Moisturizer is definitely worth it, especially if you find the right one. Not all products are created equal, and it's not necessary to spend top dollar for the one that suits your skin type, as you can find great products from the drugstore to the department store, and anywhere in between. 

Our TruAura product line includes a microbiome-friendly moisturizer that we are very fond of. It's extremely gentle and beneficial for all skin types. If you don't have a moisturizer you love, we're going to shamelessly plug this product and suggest you try it out!