Get That Fresh, Radiant Glow




Your beauty routine's special ingredient.

A tonic is a key part of a skincare regimen and helps promote a beautiful, natural glow.  

A tonic should be used between cleansing and moisturizing, but it can be easy to forget about using a tonic (otherwise known as a toner), especially since many people don’t know what it actually does. Tonic is the superstar of skincare and corrects many common skin issues.


Our mission revolves around one important concept:

Truly healthy skin is impossible without a balanced microbiome.

A microbiome is a system by which a part of the body regulates itself. It is composed of fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics, minerals, and other nutrients. When the microbiome of the skin is healthy; it can heal itself, prevent damage, minimize excess oil, lessen breakouts, slow aging, and more! Our products are designed to work together to aid that natural process and make skin beautiful. They work hand-in-hand, and using a tonic after a cleanser and before a moisturizer multiplies the benefits of the other products. 




Have radiant skin, instantly

This is how our refreshing tonic works:

  • The tonic balances the PH of your skin. When used in tandem with a good PH-balancing cleanser, the combo supports a healthy microbiome, which soothes the skin and enables it to heal. 
  • It also adds an extra gentle cleansing step and an extremely subtle exfoliation, which makes sure that any dirt in the pores is wiped away. 
  • It stimulates cell turn-over and renewal by energizing the cells, which leads to bright, youthful skin. 
  • It reduces the appearance of pores and closes them to keep impurities out. 



For Everyone.

Like all of our products, our refreshing tonic was developed to take the guesswork out of finding a product that works for your skin type. It encourages the microbiome to regulate itself, which creates a result that is custom to your skin. 

Oily skin: Traditional toners are popular because they remove excess fatty acids, but many products remove both good oil and bad, causing the skin to become irritated and over-produce oil. This intensifies breakouts. Our tonic helps to remove excess oil without stripping and encourages the growth of healthy fatty acids. As the microbiome heals, the skin cannot only slow excess oil production, but it replenishes the barrier to keep acne-causing bacteria away from the skin. It supports oil control throughout the day and closes pores for added protection against breakouts and skin damage.

Dry skin: Many people with dry skin avoid tonics and toners, as alcohol in the formulation can irritate the skin by taking away the moisture it needs. In contrast the ingredients in our tonic are hydrating. Our Cleansing Tonic has the ability to remove dirt and excess oils while leaving the healthy fatty acids on the skin. The tonic also has gentle, long-acting moisturizers in it to soothe the skin all day. 

And more: Individuals with combination skin also benefit: the tonic lifts excess oil from problem areas while moisturizing dry areas. The formula includes ingredients that lift, brighten, and energize the skin to combat aging. 

The elements in our tonic are simple, yet revolutionary, and they reflect our commitment to pure, all-natural ingredients. 

Tru Aura revolutionary tonic toner: all natural

Micellar Cleansing Technology: Micellar water is an incredible cleansing agent. The main benefit of this technology is that it removed impurities with minimal impact to the skin. It is made of very soft water (low in minerals) and micelles, which are tiny groups of oil molecules. The micelles pick up bits of dirt and even left behind makeup and lift it away from the skin. 

Coconut Water: Both our nourishing cleanser and our refreshing tonic contain coconut water because of the rich benefits it brings. It gently smooths away impurities and reduces the appearance of pores. 

Cucumber Fruit Extract: The cucumber fruit is a rich source of essential vitamins, including Vitamins B and C. These vitamins help to soothe irritation and smooth the skin, reducing the appearance of common signs of aging like discoloration and wrinkles. 

Saccharide Isomerate: A carbohydrate, saccharide isomerate is 100% natural and is derived from plants. It is a natural, revolutionary way to moisturize: it binds water molecules to the amino acids present in the microbiome. It is non-greasy and long-acting. It is also a prebiotic and gently balances the microbiome. 



The other ingredients include essential fatty acids that aid the restoration of the skin’s natural barrier and a multi-mineral complex that energizes the skin and provides key antioxidant benefits to minimize damage by free radicals. Natural peony root extract boosts cellular energy, removes toxins, and strengthens the skin to make it less vulnerable to environmental damage. Phytic acid is derived from rice and is a gentle exfoliant and self-neutralizes, unlike many exfoliants that irritate the skin. This ingredient aids cell renewal and overall cellular health. 


All of these unique ingredients work together to create a microbiome-healthy tonic that supports smooth, glowing skin that lasts all day.