The Secret Behind Our Nourishing Cleanser

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Pure. Clean. Revolutionary. 

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Our nourishing cleanser was developed with our commitment to purity in mind so that you can feel happy about the skin care products that you use.

It is a brand new kind of clean that leaves skin fresh, hydrated, and glowing.

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The formula is simple, and it employs the best ingredients available to bring our revolutionary microbiome technology to the market. 

You might be wondering- what is a microbiome, and what makes this product special? 

Here is a quote from our article about the importance of a healthy microbiome:

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“Our skin’s microbiome is an ecosystem made up of water, electrolytes, fatty acids, minerals, sebum and even organisms, and when it is in balance, it provides protection from potentially harmful substances and elements in the outside environment, including viruses, microbes, chemicals, and UV radiation.”

Balancing your microbiome involves avoiding harsh chemicals that disturb the natural systems of the skin. One of the most common ways that many people damage their skin is by using harsh cleansers, so our first mission was to develop an alternative to soaps that strip the skin of the elements it needs to thrive and glow. You can read our previous article about how to avoid damaging the microbiome here.

Our cleanser was formulated to address the need to feel clean and fresh without damaging the skin.

It is a gel that gently provides a healthy, clean feeling without over-drying the skin. Not only does it avoid upsetting the balance of the microbiome- it helps to encourage the elements of that system to flourish and balance itself. 

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Tired of searching for a product that works for you?

We totally get it. 

With thousands of skin cleansing products available, it can be hard to find one for your skin type. We wanted to find a way to make a product that takes the guesswork out of the process of finding the cleanser you need. We wanted to eliminate the need to waste money and time trying several varieties of a product to see which one is a good fit. The formula our scientists created works for all skin types because it doesn’t try to change the skin in a specific way. Your skin is unique, and each microbiome is different to fit the needs of its own particular skin. Since our cleanser works in harmony with your skin, it aids the specific processes that your microbiome needs to repair itself. 


This is how it works: Tru Aura’s new cleanser helps your skin receive the nutrients that it needs.

Our nourishing cleanser features four main, powerful ingredients that serve several purposes. They work together to create a powerful formula to combat skin issues. Let’s take a look at those ingredients:

Saccharide Isomerate: This name means nothing if you aren’t a scientist, but it is actually a fascinating natural ingredient! It is a moisturizing carbohydrate that works naturally by binding water to amino acids in the skin and creates a natural process that is long-acting and gentle. No greasy feeling! This ingredient is a prebiotic and encourages the natural flora of the skin to balance itself. 

Coconut Water: Another all-natural and completely safe ingredient, coconut water is not only delicious when sold as a beverage. It is also an amazing gentle cleaning agent that moisturizes while removing dirt and oil that are disturbing the microbiome. In addition, it is rich in electrolytes and is exceptionally effective as a PH stabilizing ingredient. 

Essential Fatty Acids: Many people associate oils with skin issues and a lack of hygiene. When your skin is balanced, it does not produce excess “bad” oil. By improving flora health and introducing healthy fatty acids, the skin is encouraged to regulate the oils by itself. This process results in nourished skin that is not dry, but also not too oily. 

The fatty acids (Linoleic and Linolenic) in our cleanser come from safflower seeds and help strengthen the skin’s barrier to keep out dirt, bacteria, and other harmful environmental irritants. This protection allows the skin to regulate itself and keep from drying out and possibly over-producing oil to try to compensate for poor conditions. 

Tocotrienols: This is a form of vitamin E that comes from sources that are naturally very high in vitamin E. This creates a power-packed antioxidant that effectively protects the skin from harmful oxidation and limited the production of harmful free radicals. Reduced oxidants help lessen the effects of aging and irritation, and antioxidants help to tone and tighten skin. 

Traditional soaps and cleansers, while well-meaning, often damage the skin with stripping agents and unnecessary, harsh chemicals. Our mission is to offer gentle products that work with your skin to create a symbiotic relationship in which your skin regulates itself with help from our products.

Healthy, beautiful skin is as simple as encouraging the skin to care for itself, naturally.